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Temperatures to fall as cold front hits

Temperatures to fall as cold front hits

Fallen leaves on Shaanxi Road S. in Huangpu District as temperatures drop.
A strong cold front is expected in the city at noon today with growing winds and falling temperatures, forecasters said.
The temperature on Friday morning is likely to drop to 11 degrees Celsius and below 8 degrees in suburban areas. 
Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said cold air from Siberia was moving fast from west to east and from north to south to affect most of China.
This morning will see some brief drizzle and the wind will start to increase in the afternoon with strong gusts in waterfront areas. 
Skies will remain cloudy for the remainder of the week. Temperatures will not change much today but drop by 2 to 3 degrees tomorrow. The high tomorrow will be 17 degrees.
The cold air will leave at the weekend with highs bouncing back to 21 and 23 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. But more cold air is expected early next week with maximum temperatures dropping to 17 degrees on Monday.