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Trial begins for trucks driven by 5G

Trial begins for trucks driven by 5G

Smart trucks are tested in a demonstration zone for intelligent and connected vehicles in Lingang. A pilot operation of 5G and autonomous trucks has started in Shanghai. 
A 5G and Level-4 autonomous driving heavy truck pilot operation started over the weekend in Shanghai. 
SAIC Motor, Shanghai International Port Group and China Mobile co-developed the project with latest telecommunications and artificial intelligence technologies. They expect to expand the operations in Yangshan Deep-Water Port in 2020, with large-scale commercial use within five years.
China started commercial use of 5G this month. L4, or Level-4 autonomous driving, is near the top of the five levels of smart driving. 
The trucks can establish V2X, or vehicle-to-everything, communication within 20 milliseconds. Their safety distance has been cut to 15-20 meters compared with 150 meters previously, which will double the traffic capacity of the East Sea Bridge.